Before you go on holiday it is important to make sure you have your European Health Insurance Card (an application form can be obtained from your local post office or on-line at or your medical insurance details. Make sure your medical insurance covers emergency international transfer. For more information contact your local travel agent.

In most of the tourist resorts you will find English spe>aking doctors. The British consulate will be able to help you with the correct addresses or telephone numbers. Medical services in the Canary Islands are equal to any other European country.

Dr Antonio Rivas Mena
38800 San Sebastián de la Gomera - c/plaza de la Constitucion s/n 1º izq
Tel: (+34) 922 141884
Fax: 922141884, Mobile: 666545575

Rafael Banares Baudet
38800 San Sebastian de la Gomera - Del Medio, 2
Tel: (+34) 922 141192

Alberto Jose Castilla Armas
38840 Vallehermoso - Guillermo Ascanio, 13
Tel: (+34) 922 800028

Divina Creus Rey
38800 San Sebastian de la Gomera - Plaza de la Constitucion, 14
Tel: (+34) 922 141605

Dorotea Isabel Fernandez Bencomo
38820 Hermigua - Carretera General, 121
Tel: (+34) 922 880078

Eugenio Pinero Correa
38870 Valle Gran Rey / La Playa Cale - Lugar las Orijanas, s/n
Tel: (+34) 922 805158

Ignacio Fernandez-Galvan Perez
38800 San Sebastian de la Gomera - Calle Real, 34
Tel: (+34) 922 870157

Jose Angel Mendoza Cruz
38810 Alajero / Playa de Santiago - Calle Santiago Apostol, 36