Eating Out

Each resort and village has a handful of small restaurants, offering simple local fare that is filling rather than fancy as befits a tiny rural island. Local specialities include watercress soup served in a wooden bowl, several goats’ cheeses and a piquant spread made from spices, butter and oil called almagrote eaten on bread or potatoes. Local fish and a honey extracted from the palm tree also feature on most typical menus. Some resorts have a pizzeria and the capital, San Sebastian, has a couple of more sophisticated eateries.

Playa de Santiago is fortunate in having a number of restaurants offering both local and international dishes. Try the “Ropa Vieja” (old clothes!), which is a delicious stew at La Playa and the “Potage de Berros” (watercress soup) at La Cuevita. La Marea (at the back of El Bodegon) specialises in excellent seafood. Don Tomate is mainly Italian cuisine, whilst the Orone offers excellent fish and pizzas. Our favourite is Junonia, run by Francisco (Fran) and it has recently been renovated, restoring many of the original features.

Wherever you go in the village you will find good food and reasonable prices. Be warned, imported wines can be expensive!